Animal Health Certificates

***Please note that we are not currently taking any bookings for
Animal Health Certificates*** 

A current EU pet passport issued in GB will NOT be valid for travel to the EU or NI from 1st January 2021.

Before your dog, cat or ferret can travel to the EU or NI for the first time after 1st January 2021, you’ll need to apply for an animal health certificate.

Please ring to discuss what you will need for a certificate,  but the initial requirements are : 

  • Your dog, cat or ferret must be microchipped.
  • Your dog, cat or ferret needs to be vaccinated against rabies (NB: your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before it can be vaccinated)
  • You will need to wait 21 days after any primary vaccinations before you travel so bear this in mind when you are planning your travel and AHC appointment

An animal health certificate (AHC) can only be issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV) so An appointment for this can be arranged by contacting us on 01708 373671.

When you apply for an Animal Health Certificate, you will need to take your pet, along with their vaccination and medical records including proof of rabies vaccination, to the issuing vet.

You need an Animal Health Certificate for your dog, cat or ferret if they will be travelling from the UK to an EU country. If your pet is travelling to a non-EU country then different rules will apply (for example additional documentation or blood samples). See for government guidelines on which countries this is applicable to.

.NB: You must book your appointment with us for a minimum of 21 days after vaccination, documents cannot be signed earlier that this. The certificate is valid for 10 days after signing.

Animal Health Certificates can then be used for travel between EU countries (including the UK) for up to four months from the date of entry.

The EU Regulation requires pets to be at least 12 weeks old when vaccinated. Whilst some EU countries will allow young, unvaccinated pets to travel (subject to certain conditions) the UK does not permit this. This means no pet can enter the UK unless they are 15 weeks old (12 weeks and 21-day wait).

The owner or authorised person can only be accompanied by a maximum of five pets. You cannot take more than 5 pets to an EU country or NI unless you’re attending or training for a competition, show or sporting event. You’ll need written evidence of registration for the event when you travel. In which case you will need to apply for an Export Health Certificate.

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