Services and Facilities

Our Services

Here at Ivy Lodge we have Certificate Level Veterinary Surgeons which are experienced in performing a wide range of procedures and diagnostic imaging, including:

  • Upper respiratory surgeries (including BOAS surgery)
  • Ocular surgeries (including Entropion, Cherry eye and Eyelid mass removal)
  • Perineal surgeries (including Anal Sacculectomy, Perineal Hernia repairs)
  • Gastro- intestinal surgeries (including GDV surgery, Enterectomies & Anastomosis)
  • Complex mass removals (including reconstructive skin flap surgery)
  • Soft tissue surgeries (including Abdominal, Inguinal and Diaphragmatic hernia repairs, Total Ear Canal Ablation)
  • Ultrasonography (including Cardiac, Thoracic and Abdominal scans)

Further Services include: 

Routine vaccinations


Health checks
Parasite prevention and treatment
In house Laboratory

Nurse Clinics

Our Registered Nurses run a variety of clinics aimed at maximising the well being of your pet:

Senior wellness

Animals age faster than us! This clinic offers advice on nutrition, managing medical conditions and other factors affecting our mature companions.

Dental hygiene

Our nurses can advise on all aspects of oral hygiene including prevention and management of dental disease. Including brushing techniques, products to assist dental management specifically tailored to your pet, and advising when a dental may be required.

Weight management

This clinic gives clients the opportunity to discuss diet, exercise and all problems associated with pet obesity. All patients will receive a personalised weight management plan and ongoing support to reach their goals.

Parasite control

We can provide everything you need to create an internal and external parasite prevention plan for your pets individual needs.

Nail clipping and Anal Gland Expressions

For routine nail clipping and anal gland expressions, and to assist owners and their pets with managing these from home.

Our Facilities


We have a large, spacious car park with ample parking for our clients.


Our large, air conditioned waiting room overlooks surrounding countryside thus providing a peaceful and noise free environment.

stethoscope (2)

The practice is a purpose built Veterinary Clinic, based in a rural setting with lovely practice grounds to walk our in-patients.


The clinic is wheelchair accessible and has on-site toliet facilities for our clients.

Large Waiting Area

Large Waiting Area

Our waiting area is large and spacious allowing for both separation for cats and dogs, as well as social distancing during the COVID 19 pandemic.
With windows overlooking the clinics countryside grounds and air-conditioning, it truly assists with ensuring you and your pets visit is as stress free as possible.

Consulting rooms

Consulting rooms

Our consulting rooms are both air conditioned for our patients’ comfort and equipped to a high standard.

In house laboratory

In house laboratory

We have a onsite laboratory with state of the art equipment that enables us to run various blood screens and other diagnostic tests to minimise the time you and your pet have to wait for results.



We keep a large range of medications in our dispensary to enable us to treat a wide range of conditions. Any medications not kept in stock can normally be ordered within 24 hours.



We have separate dog and cat wards with are well ventilated, helping to create a stress free environment for all of our patients.

Surgical theatres

Surgical theatres

We have two surgical theatres here at Ivy Lodge, equipped to the highest of standards. Including equipment for monitoring the patient such as multi-parameter machines and patient warming machines, to specialist equipment including lighting, electrocautery and suction.
At Ivy Lodge Vets, we offer a wide range of surgical procedures including Orthopaedic surgeries. We maintain very high standards of aseptic technique for all surgery, including so-called ‘routine’ procedures such as spays and castrations.

Diagnostic suite

Diagnostic suite

Our diagnostic suite is equipped with an x ray machine, ultrasound, endoscopes and digital otoscope.

  • Digital X ray: Radiography allows us to not only look at bones but also some of the soft tissues in an animal.
  • Ultrasound: this uses sound waves in order to generate an image and allows us to see within the abdomen and chest.
  • Endoscopy: this involves passing a small camera into a body cavity so that the vet can examine it more closely and if needed obtain samples. We have two flexible video endoscopes suitable for scoping the majority of patients.
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